I'm-PERFECTION …because every imperfection is perfect

Naomi Preizler, October 12, Argentina

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Are perfection and beauty at the same level? If someone is perfect is he beautiful, then? And the other way round? I don’t know the answer, but I know that God is our reference of perfection, and God creates nature, which is beautiful. We are part of nature. All our factions and physical features were once designed by “the most perfect being”, so for me we are all beautiful then, different but beautifully defined by God. No one can say whether someone is or is not pretty, because no one is as perfect as that “Superior Being”. The one who goes far from beauty is the one who goes against nature, who tries to change his features. A nose job, a boob job… All those things are interventions by the “Inferior human”.
Childhood was never easy for me. Being the tallest of my grade didn’t help me enjoy myself as a natural beauty. It was others surrounding me that contributed to making me feel that way; teachers sending me to the back of the class so I did not block the other students view of the blackboard; not being able to dance as they never allowed me to be at the front of the dance group although I danced pretty well; wearing loose pants so that I could blend my knees and look shorter without anybody noticing it; hanging out with bigger and taller people; staying seated during the dance parties because I felt too tall to dance with a boy ( they would never pick me anyway). Even my classmate’s parents would ask my mother what she was giving me to eat to make me grow so fast. My dance teacher once told me “How are you going to be with your husband? He will have to cut your legs for you to fit in the bed”. My mother would calm me down, talking to me about all those gorgeous models who were so tall or even Barbara Streisand who has a big nose but still is one of the best actresses. I was aware of that fact, but my question was: “What about now, this moment where I feel like a monster?” As a model, things are not easy. Others are constantly judging whether you are or you are not “beautiful”. There are and will always be people who are trying to change us, fit us in their line-up, their cloth, their style. No eyebrows, no boobs, no hips, no nose. I ask myself about the very first purpose of cloth, and think nothing else but dressing/covering the human being; that means adapting to our needs, our bodies, right? So, as we are all beautiful, then there’s no need to find someone beautiful to model those pieces. In the end, society plays a very important role in how we feel about ourselves. How do we belong to a certain group? Is it society who judges, with no right, whether we are or aren’t beautiful? It’s hard not to listen to them, but we all should remind ourselves that we are what Perfection chose our features to be, and all those little details (like big or small nose, short or long legs, curly or straight hair, etc.) have a meaning in contributing our essence of beauty.

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Katie Fogarty, August 6, Manchester, Missouri, USA

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Confidence. What is it? How did I get it? Growing up, I was not a confident person. I was tall and husky with fang teeth and a really bad haircut. I always felt like I was on the outer ring of my friends. I would be afraid to run inside the same small spaces my petite friends could hide when playing games. Only after two years of braces did I smile with my teeth. Now, one would assume that models naturally have confidence. We do, after all, sell ideals for a living! Not until months after I started modeling did I truly believe that I was beautiful. Once I understood that being different from the girls at home was a good thing, I embraced my body. I naturally grew from being a husky tomboy to a fashion model. What a difference a few years can make to teenager! If this business has taught me one thing, it is to have confidence in myself. Without confidence, I definitely would not be able to affectively do my job. This industry has made me love myself for who I am. I’ve learned to work hard on the things I want (and can) improve. On the things I can’t, I just have to know it is what it is. No one is perfect, and to attempt to be perfect is a recipe for disaster. Remember who you are, be the best you can be, and love yourself for it. Be healthy, happy, and peacefully strong. Life will repay you tremendously.

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Timoxa Timoshchenko, August 22 1989, Bruansk, Russia

Friday, January 7th, 2011

when i was asked to be involved in this project and asked which body part i would choose as inperfect,its became a very difficult question for me.not because i always been thinking that im perfect,no,its was more about that i never been paying that much attention to peoples physical inperfection.living in that kinda material world where all is build on how we look and how to make ourself look perfect,i thought that its all like illusion,and real things is more who u are inside.
in inperfection i always been seeing unique things.and if to ask ourself what is perfect,i think nobody gonna find a right answer.cose theres no any,and nothing is perfect in our world.and thats why its soo interesting to my mind,cose everything and everyone is unique.
concidering physical inperfection in me its been a lot of periods in my life when i didnt like something in myself,but its was only minute thought,cose then i been finding it unique and special.the only thing which stayed with me for a long time its was imperfect hands.growing as a tomboy and doing boxing and a lot of sports,i had a lot of injuries which makes my hands looking too musculine and my fingers not straight.and for me hands is telling a lot about person,hands is like a mirror of the person.our fingerprints is unique and one of the kind,our hands has our own language.and for me beeing a girl and having that kind musculine hands was always a bit uncomfortable and embarassing.but then its all dissapear,then i understood that nature is inperfection.perfection is relative and beauty is not perfection.i am,who i am,and im proud of it.

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‘Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children’

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

By Sylvia Plath, through Benjamin Bruno.

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I’m-perfection in motion

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011
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Eeva de Frel, 23 july 1992, Zürich, Switzerland

Friday, December 24th, 2010

‘Do you swim?’ Is what I’m hearing often when I’m meeting people for the first time.. I have played baseball as a teenager but I was never a swimmer. Why are people asking me that? Well, I have larger shoulder then ‘normal’ girls..

When I grew up I was never really paying attention to my looks. Grew up amongst brothers and had mostly guy-friends. The most important things during the school breaks were the soccer matches against the higher grades. So, nothing about appearances/looks.. But at the age of 15 year somebody- somebody I really looked up to- told me I had quite big shoulders.. ‘Huh, big shoulders? Is that bad?’ I was constantly reminded by that person that it’s not girly and not considered to be beautiful. Before I didn’t really care. Didn’t considered it as a ‘problem’. But at that point my view about myself was changed. Forever changed. I had big shoulders.
I thought about it every single day.. Hated summer time cause of the tank tops and bikini’s. All those stupid things. So frustrating to think back at that time. Now I’m so fed up with the feeling of disliking my own body. And realistically, what can I do about it? Nothing, so better start liking it right? I’m accepting it more and more, this is the way I am. This makes ME unique…

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Katia Kokoreva, May 24, Bryansk, Russia

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Why? That is a first normal question you might have. You might also wonder how could such a small detail bother me that much.

It happened a long time ago, when I just started my modeling career. I was standing in a line up at the backstage of a  fashion show, last check, last touch ups, everyone nervous and all of the sudden the stylist stops in front of me, calls the make up artists and screams at them , because they left my mole uncovered. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I’ve never noticed or paid attention to the mole on my back. After that fashion show I started thinking, how strange all the fashion world is, every little detail on your face and body makes a difference and it’s so unfair! It was all new to me back then and, of course, it made me feel insecure, I was conscious of that mole, every time I wear an outfit with an open back. It got to the point when I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to erase it through an operation.

I talked to my mum about it, because I know she had the same mole on her back. It was then when she said “Why? Why do you want to get rid of it? I have it, your grandmother has it and even your daughter has it! Don’t you see, its something we share in the family, its something special…”

She was right, it IS something special. I learned to love it and I also realized one more thing. People who are trying to bring you down are just not satisfied with themselves…

Now I am happy that this mole is not an imperfection to me anymore because it means that I am all perfect!!!

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Eleftheria Griva, April 19, Athens, Greece

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

No matter how beautiful someone is and how others consider him or her flawless, there is no one to be completely happy about the way he looks.
Sometimes is something small-that only you can see- or others is something more noticeable to  people, that you don’t like about yourself..
In my case the thing i hated the most about me as a child and in my early teens,- well the thing i hated the most among others was my toes, and especially my big toe.  It’s not that there were very different or ugly, but anyhow i didn’t feel confident about them..  My toes aren’t very feminine and elegant, with a nice shape as most women have, but instead they are very small  and you can hardly see my nails.
When i was little, my family and friends used to make harmless jokes about how small my nails were, and back then it really mattered to me. That was the reason i never wore sandals in public.
When i think about that now, that I’ve  overcame my complex, it seems to me so pointless and meaningless to be ashamed of my toes when other bigger things and values count so much more. Also don’t they say that the most beautiful things are the ones that are most imperfect?

PS I have to add that it’s not that  I’m crazy about my toes now, I just don’t have a problem anymore and i except and love my body parts  the way they are!

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Alina P, October 2 1990, Crailsheim, Germany

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I think I look perfect without boobs because that is what I am. My best friend calls me his “buddy with boobs without boobs”. I did not always feel this way. When I was 13 or 14, I was the ugly one with braces in my mouth standing in the shadow of my best friend. She was and still is what boys love with hips, a small waist, and a nice décolleté. I was so jealous I nearly destroyed our friendship. After being told by my brother and others to get surgery or to wear a push up bra, and then stuff that bra with cotton, I began to have a sense of humor about my body. I enjoy joking and kidding about myself, especially about my boobs (or lack there of). Maybe I am the only one that finds it funny, but I love that my friend calls me his “buddy with boobs without boobs” and I am grateful not to have missed so many funny moments with him. Because of him, I can now say I love my boobs because that’s me and I wouldn’t change myself.

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Beatrice Alithinou, Dec 12 1992, Athens, Greece

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010


It’s so difficult for me to talk about myself, to constantly use the word ‘I’.
Who knows why… Maybe it’s my issue or it could be my means in an effort to deal with the issue.
Nevertheless I don’t stop talking to you about me.

Ah yes, legs…
My legs and more specifically my feet. Like the ones people used to have during the Copper Age with a pinch of monkey shape.
Feet that look like hands! I’ve had more than my share of teasing. Not the easiest job in the world camouflaging a pair of ‘feet-hands’.

And all this for what reason? Because…  I was told so? That I have ugly feet and that it’s improper for me to talk about me? I guess so…

And who were the people who told me so? Just.. people… Taught that only very specific things can fit in their pre-structured

Right… So feet. Specifically my feet. Why not!?

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